In terms of health care spending, Haiti ranks last in the western hemisphere. Economic instability has limited any growth in this area. Per capita, Haiti spends about US$83 annually on health care. There are 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 inhabitants. Only one-fourth of births are attended by a skilled health professional. Most rural areas have no access to health care making residents susceptible to otherwise treatable diseases. Haiti needs efforts and dedication from everyone and every organization to continue to improve and save lives. Wings is aware of these challenges and is committed to impact communities in Haiti.

Presently Wings is helping by providing better health care to the villagers through the medical clinic in Juampas, Haiti, which was built with the help of some generous donors and volunteers. Wings provides regular health care to villagers. We help them to monitor their blood pressure, and help pregnant women by providing prenatal care. We also provide vitamins to the children, thanks to the efforts of several churches and friends in the Atlanta area.