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Empower. Heal. Educate.

Wings has undertaken the following initiatives to address immediate and sustained needs in the countries served.



Wings has launched a nutrition program that provides high nutrition food items and supplements to school children and families in need. The organization tries to source its supplements from local sources, where and when possible.

According to the United Nations World Food Program, 80 percent of Haiti’s population lives below the poverty line. Consequently, malnutrition is a significant problem. Half the population can be categorized as “food insecure,” and half of all Haitian children are undersized as a result of malnutrition. A current project of Wings is to build a soup kitchen and storage area, which will supply the food for the elderly and the school children; we will be developing a construction project to this end. Some of the children come to school with no breakfast and pass out during the day. Our goal is to build a kitchen facility in order for the children to receive at least one hot meal a day. Some of them could also have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the morning for breakfast.

Safe Water

Less than half the population has access to clean drinking water, a rate that compares poorly even with other less-developed nations. We are finding better ways to provide safe drinking water to the villagers to prevent the spreading of Cholera and other diseases.


Medical Clinic

In terms of health care spending, Haiti ranks last in the western hemisphere. Economic instability has limited any growth in this area. Per capita, Haiti spends about US$83 annually on health care. There are 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 inhabitants. Only one-fourth of births are attended by a skilled health professional. Most rural areas have no access to health care making residents susceptible to otherwise treatable diseases. Haiti needs efforts and dedication from everyone and every organization to continue to improve and save lives. Wings is aware of these challenges and is committed to impact communities in Haiti.


Presently Wings is helping by providing better healthcare to the villagers through the medical clinic in Juampas, Haiti, which was built with the help of some generous donors and volunteers. Wings provides regular healthcare to villagers. We help them to monitor their blood pressure, and help pregnant women by providing prenatal care. We also provide vitamins to the children, thanks to the efforts of several churches and friends in the Atlanta area.



Education is especially hard for most Haitians to attain. Although they highly value education and all want their children to attend school many of them cannot make that happen. Most public schools are overflowing and there is not enough room to accommodate everyone. A High School education is most difficult to afford, as they are mostly privatized. Private schools are not something most Haitians can afford, most of them can barely afford the uniforms. In order to help educate as many children as possible, Wings offers and supports an educational sponsorship program, which allows an individual or group to sponsor one or more teachers by paying their salaries, $120-150 per month. Several of the youth sponsored by Wings have gone on to be nurses and now work in the clinic, educating and serving their own community.

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